Effective August 1st, 2019

Your tuition reserves a specific time slot each week and guarantees a place in the schedule. For 2019-20, there will be a total of (43) lessons. For more info, please check the Policies and the FAQ page.

Tuition also includes:

  • Designing a custom course of study for each student and preparing for each lesson.
  • Recitals and other performance events.
  • Insurance and professional organization memberships.
  • Ongoing training and staff meetings.
  • Taxes and other boring business expenses.

Payments and Billing

I accept payment online by card or bank transfer, as well as check or cash. There are no additional charges for paying by card or bank transfer.

Invoices are sent by email on the 15th of each month and are due one week later on the 22nd. For payments not received by the 22nd, a late fee may apply.

To automatically pay each invoice and to avoid any late charges, auto-bill is strongly recommend. Your information is protected by bank-grade security and we have no access to your sensitive information. At any time, you can go online to change your card info, to find past invoices, and to preview future invoices.


Time may be divided between multiple students in the same house (30 minute minimum per student). 30-minute lessons are recommended for beginners, 45-minutes for intermediate students or students older than 10, and 60-minutes for advanced students.

30 min (1 student)$192.74$126.83
45 min (1 student)$240.92$190.24
60 min (1-2 students)$289.10$253.65
75 min (1-2 students)$337.29$317.06
90 min (2-3 students)$385.47$380.48
115 min (2-3 students)$433.65$443.89
120 min (2-4 students)$481.84$507.30

Please note, tuition is spread equally throughout the year. For 2019-20 there are 43 lessons spread over 12 invoices. In other words, your monthly rate is the same whether there are 3, 4, or 5 lessons in that month.

Other Fees and Expenses

From time to time, I will provide students with additional books and materials. These books are inexpensive – typically around $7 each – and will last anywhere from 2 months to a year. The costs of these materials will be added to the next monthly invoice.

Recitals (held in October, December, and April) are included in your tuition. Students who wish to participate in additional events, such as competitions, festivals, or formal adjudications, will be asked to cover their own registration fees for these events (paid directly to the event organizers).

No other fees or expenses are expected.

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